Board holds April Meeting

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Wednesday, April 5, 2023, for their April monthly board meeting.  Thirteen directors and ten guests were present.

Craig Stump, Board Vice President, called the meeting to order.

Amanda Raines, from OSU 4-H extension thanked Judi Cronley, Jack McBride, Rob Wilson and Lori Wilson for helping with her latest Quality Assurance.  Cathy Routt and Cindy Hastings questioned why they have not been given a signed Fair Rest Room Contract.  They were told of some complaints that occurred during last year’s fair and were told they are not out of the running, just other options are being investigated.  They stated many compliments they received during the fair and would have liked to have been told about the complaints sooner.  

The IRS form 990 was accepted and approved for filing.

The executive/development meeting minutes from March 21 were discussed.  Mark Schwemer will be the Ag. Society’s attorney on retainer.  His first issue will be addressing the issue from the Consignment Sale.

The updated Strategic Plan was approved.

Charlie McCullough stated the development committee has decided to go with a new approach for the building of livestock structures.  Instead of one large multipurpose barn, several barns are going to be built and the tearing down of the current structure done in phases.  

Rob Wilson, representing the Ground’s committee, stated indoor storage for campers, boats and trailers will be done the Friday, with pick ups this Saturday, April 8th.  Reminder letters were sent to all indoor storage renters.  It was noted there is a 40 ft. section of the beef barn roof that needs repaired, after the bad weather moved through.  Waiting on the adjuster and receiving an estimate for the work to be completed.  Hiring 3 people to help with mowing for the summer was discussed.  They will receive $15/hour.  The ground committee is getting an estimate from Orkin for monthly spraying of buildings used.  Directors were made aware of the natural gas contract that ends in August.  A new 5-year contract from Hudson Energy at $6.70 was proposed.  It was noted the generator in the Community Building and Arts/Crafts building needs serviced, as the timer is not working properly.  The Hardin Health Dept. is in charge of this and they have been contacted.  The on-ground sound system was discussed.  Steve Harpster and Corey Ledley moved to accept the Ground’s Committee recommendations.  Motion passed with Andrew Scharf abstaining from the vote.  

Judi Cronley, stated all 2023 fair camping spots have been spoken for.  Judi has applied for a temporary camping permit for the Cushman group that will be camping in May.  

Judi stated she needs all livestock judges for the fair, so their contracts can be sent.

Jake McFadden stated vendor/Concession applications can be filled out online at www.hardincountyfair.orgPayment is needed after they are approved.

Sherri Beale, JR Fair Board Advisor, stated the JR Fair Board did very well during the Consignment Sale and came out with around $4,000 profit.  She stated their meetings will be the last Monday of each month.

It was noted sponsorship money and applications continue to be accepted online through the fair’s website.  Invoicing for sponsorships will be done in May, to those who haven’t paid.  

The directors decided to use the same place as last year, for radio rentals during the week of the fair. 

The 2023 fair book will be going to print Wednesday, April 12th.  It was also noted that the badge printer has been ordered by Amanda Raines.  

Judi Cronley gave an update on the Consignment Sale.  Profit will likely be around $22,500.  Still waiting on a few more bills.  There were 267 consignors, 1,124 items sold, 426 buyers, and 783 registered buyers.  The numbers were comparable to last year, but with a larger profit.  

The fair gate committee proposed folks with handicap stickers need to purchase an on-ground parking permit for $15 if they want to park on the ground during the fair.  There is still handicapped parking available outside of the on-ground parking lots.  Jake McFadden and Andrew Scharf moved to proceed with this proposal.  The motion passed unanimously.

Under old business:

It was noted Brad Murphy and Meghan Yoakum will be attending the Fair District Meeting on Saturday, April 15th.

Under new Business:

Judi Cronley stated she has mailed the box seat letters and all other judges for the fair are also needed, so contracts can be mailed.  The next Fair Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 3rd at 7pm in the Community Building.

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