Director FAQs

Being a director of the society is an opportunity to be a custodian of Hardin County’s premier annual event that positively impacts families and the community. Our directors work hard all year long to produce a quality event for our community. To accomplish that, they have created this list of guidelines:

  1.  Purchase a membership in the Society at the beginning of the fiscal year.
  2. Attend monthly Board meetings as scheduled.  Currently the first Wednesday of each month.
  3.  Attend Committee meetings as necessary.
  4. Assist with the Consignment Sale (2nd Saturday of March) and help as needed the 3 days before the Consignment Sale.
  5. Be available on the scheduled work day, weekend before the fair (Saturday & Sunday) daily during the fair, assist with other added workdays throughout the summer and the Monday after the fair.
  6.  Be available for other events if possible.
  7. Attend the Ohio Fair Managers Convention the end of the 1st week in January
  8. Arts & Crafts building set-up and tear down
  9. Represent the Fair in a positive manner to the general public.
  10. Attend District meetings if possible.
  11. Possess leadership skills and a willingness to work with the public.
  12. Have a good moral character.
  13. Attend at least one board meeting prior to the election to state your intentions on wanting to be a director.
  14. Be familiar with the Rules, Constitution, and Bylaws of the Hardin County Agricultural Society.

Anyone that is a good-standing member of the Hardin County Agricultural Society can be elected to the office of director.

A resident of a specific township in Hardin County must run to represent their specific township. Any Hardin County resident may run for a Director-At-Large office. However, no more than three directors may reside in the same township.

You must first obtain a petition from the secretary’s office during normal business hours. After obtaining the required amount of signatures and returning them to the office, a candidate’s name will appear on the ballot.