Fair board slates pre-fair meeting

  1. Call to Order
  2. Guests (3-5 minute speaking time allotted) 
  3. Correspondence  – Mark Badertscher/Carcass Show
  4. Minutes of last meeting  
  5. Financial Reports – (3rd quarter budget review – look at Profit & Loss Year Review)
  6. Bills to Approve 
  7. Committee Reports:
  • Executive Committee
  • Strategic Planning
  • Development Committee
  • Grounds Committee
    • Winter storage begins Oct. 1st at the new price of $30 a month for vehicles and $15 per linear foot for campers, boat trailers, etc.
    • Fire Extinguishers were checked this month.
  • Camping Committee
    • Fair Campers will start to come in this Friday through Monday.  If not picked up already – hang tags and wristbands in the Fair Office.
    • Only primitive camping is left for campers now.
  • Entertainment Committee
    • General admission tickets for all grandstand events are still available for purchase online, in the fair office, or at the ticket booth – one hour prior to the event.  Pit passes are only being sold at the pit gates on the day of the events for $10.
  • Livestock Committees
    • Wheel barrows
    • Carcass Show is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 19th at 6pm, at Jenkins Meats in Mt. Victory
  • Rides and Concessions
  • JR Fair Board Report
  • Advertising/Sponsorship Committee
    • Waiting on 1 to pay their invoices
  • Tech. Committee
  • Other Committees
    • Audit being bid out for 2021/2022 years
  • Old Business:
    • Emergency Management Meeting was held on August 17th
    • The kiosk from Ohio Division of Wildlife for deer heads will arrive Monday, Sept. 12th.
  • New Business:
    • End of Fair Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 21st – issues with how the fair events occurred need to be discussed.
    • Open Class display tickets can be picked up in the fair office this Friday, Sept. 2nd 9-5pm, Saturday, Sept. 3rd 9-5pm, Sunday, Sept. 4th 12 -5pm and Monday, Sept. 5th 9-6pm.
    • Arts/Crafts Bldg. will be put back together Wednesday, Sept. 14th at 6pm.
    • Fair office will be open the week of the fair 9am-9pm Monday – Saturday and Sunday 12 noon- 9pm.
    • If you wait to purchase your season ticket the first day of the fair, you will pay $10 at the gate for each person in your family and then at the Fair Office you can pay an additional $15 for one season pass, that will get 1 adult and all school age children from same family into the fair – each day.  No money will be returned to the person for all the students paid at the gate from the office.
    • Membership $2.00 add ons to Season tickets can be purchased until Oct. 14th.
    • Junior Fair and Open Class Premium checks can be picked up in the secretary’s office Wednesday, Sept. 14th 9-8pm, Thursday, Sept. 15th 4-8pm, Friday, Sept. 16th 9-4pm and Saturday, Sept. 17th 9am-12noon. Then any Wednesday and Friday from 9am-4pm through Friday, Nov. 25th.  All checks need to be chased by end of November.
    • Petitions for the November Fair Board Director Election are due by Friday, Oct. 28th at 4pm.  Up for election this year:  2 directors at large positions, Buck Twp., Hale Twp., Jackson Twp., Liberty Twp., and Pleasant Twp. for 3 year terms.  A director is still needed for Taylor Creek Twp – 1 year term and Lynn Twp. – for a 2 year term.  Anyone wanting to run for one of those director positions needs to come to the secretary’s office to pick up a petition by Friday, Oct. 14th at 4pm, then the petition needs to be returned to the Secretary’s office by Friday, Oct. 28th at 4pm.  Just a reminder, if you are interested in running for a position, you need to come to the Oct. Board meeting to state your intentions for running.
    • Directors – if you want to attend the OFMA Convention in Columbus, January 12 – 15th, 2023 and stay all night, Judi needs to know what day or days you want to stay all night by Wednesday, Sept. 7th.  Reservations will be made Sept. 8th at 9am.
    • Our next monthly Board Meeting is Wednesday, October 5th at 7pm in the Community Building.

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