Health Plan Approved, Fair Moves Forward

The Hardin County Fair is announcing an approved version of the Health and Safety plan for the 2020 Hardin County Fair. This plan has been approved by both the Hardin County Fair Board and the Kenton-Hardin Health Department Board of Health.

“While we know this isn’t what anyone wanted for the fair this year – or any year for that matter – this plan will allow us to provide an opportunity for junior fair exhibition this year and keep everyone safe in the process,” said Corey Ledley, president of the Hardin County Fair Board. “We are thankful for the collaboration from the Kenton-Hardin Health Department as well as the hundreds of volunteer hours that went into forming this plan. We are looking forward to holding this year’s junior fair and returning to normal operations in 2021.

β€œOn behalf of Kenton Hardin Health Department we want to thank the Hardin County Fair Board for working with us to bring a plan that kept the communities health a priority, while allowing the youth of the county to showcase the hard work they have put in on their projects. While we know this fair does not look like most, we are grateful to the many fair board members who spent hours planning and working to make this as safe as possible for all involved. We are looking forward to continuing the strong partnership that was developed during these hard circumstances. Thank you Hardin County Fair Board for your time and devotion and willingness to implement these important safety measures. We appreciate your dedication to the health and safety of our community,” said Board of Health Vice President Jeryl Kissling, Public Information Office Kelsey Ralston, Public Information officer, and Registered Sanitarian, Registered Environmental Health Specialist Derek Dunson.