All Hardin County Fair Market Livestock Shows go Partial Terminal

The Hardin County Fair Board voted Wednesday to adopt new operating procedures for junior fair market livestock shows. All shows will be partial-terminal. Exhibitors will have the option of taking their livestock projects home at the conclusion of the fair, but must declare such at the scales during weigh in. Exhibitors still do have the option of marketing their project just as they always have. All exhibitors exhibiting a market animal in a market show are eligible to participate in the livestock sale for a premium bid regardless of their decision to take the animal home or sell it to the processor.

Further details and forms will be released as they are developed.

Exact Rule Language

All animals offered in the Junior Fair Sale must be 4-H or FFA projects. Only animals shown in the Junior Fair Market classes are eligible to sell. ALL market animals must be owned, they cannot be leased from a breeder or other owner. All exhibitors must be able to provide documentation of purchase if asked. Junior Fair exhibitors are responsible for assuring that their animals can be legally sold. Animals may not sell if they are declared ineligible for health reasons or because of drug treatment limitations. See health regulations for drug withdrawal information.

  • All exhibitors who show an animal in a Market Show will have the opportunity to go through the ring for a premium bid.  Grand and Reserve Grand Champion animals will be the only actual animals that go through the sale ring.
  • Grand and Reserve Grand Champion Market Steers, Market Hogs, Market Lambs, and Market Goats will go directly to the slaughterhouse determined by the Agricultural Society.
  •  The Dairy Beef Feeders will go to the rebuy bidder and will not be slaughtered. The rebuy bidder for each Dairy Beef Feeder sold will be determined at a separate auction held prior to the main Sale.
  • The Junior Fair Market Hog, Market Goat, Market Lamb, Market Steer and Market Dairy Steer Shows are classified as partial/terminal shows. Exhibitors may elect to take animals home or sell for commercial slaughter. That choice must be declared at weigh-in. An Animal Destination form must be signed by the exhibitor and a parent if the exhibitor is under 18 and given to the scale operator or the Arena Office by no later than one hour after weigh-in. If this form is not received by the designated time, the animal(s) in question will automatically be declared for commercial slaughter.

The Hardin County Junior Fair Livestock Sale is a premium bid, terminal sale.