Ag Society Annual Meeting Held

With 32 memberships paid for 2022 and twenty one Hardin County Agricultural Society members present, the meeting was brought to order with President Corey Ledley presiding.

The minutes of last year’s annual meeting were read.  Craig Stump moved they be approved as read.  Andrew Scharf seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 

Jake McFadden moved to have membership tickets continue to be $2.00 with the purchase of a season ticket at $25.  Craig Stump seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 

Jason Fulton and Dan Beale moved to have the Director’s pay set at $1.  Motion passed.

The annual conflict of interest document for 2021/22 was given to every director to sign.

Judi also stated that petitions are already available in the secretary office, for any director position up for re-election in the year 2022.

Next year’s annual meeting, with the annual election to be held on the same day from 3-7pm, will be on Saturday, Nov. 5th, 2022 at 7:30pm in the Community Building (unless the building is being rented and then it would be in the Arts/Crafts Building).

Craig Stump moved to adjourn and Dan Beale seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

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