Fair board reorganizes

Acting President Corey Ledley, brought the Hardin County Agricultural Society Reorganizational Meeting to order, with twenty one members present.

Judi Cronley, secretary, read the election results for directors.  There were 27 members who cast votes for 6 positions.  All positions were uncontested.  Andrew Scharf and Zach Rambo will hold Director at Large positions until 2024.  Craig Stump, Steve Harpster and Brad Murphy will keep their Township Director positions until 2024.  Goshen Township now has a director until 2024, with Nathan Weaver securing that position.  Lynn Township and Taylor Creek Township have vacancies for directors.  Newly elected Directors were then sworn into office by Judi Cronley, Notarizer. 

Rob Wilson and Christa Rarey moved to elect Brad Murphy as President.  Nominations were closed by Charlie McCullough and Jack McBride.  Motion carried unanimously.

Corey Ledley and Jake McFadden moved to elect Craig Stump as Vice President of the Board.  Nominations were closed by Rob Wilson and Steve Harpster.  Motion carried unanimously. 

The Board’s new President and Vice President are Brad Murphy and Craig Stump.

Brad Murphy, newly elected President, then directed the rest of the meeting.

Officers and Directors for 2022 are:  Brad Murphy, President and representation for Dudley Twp. Director; Craig Stump, Vice President and representation for Washington Twp. Director; Judi Cronley, Secretary/Treasurer; Dan Beale, Director representing McDonald Twp.; Dale Cockerell, Director at Large; Craig Decker, Director representing Marion Twp.; Austin Eibling, Director representing Liberty Twp.; Jason Fulton, Director representing Buck Twp.; Mark Garmon, Director representing Jackson Twp.; Steve Harpster, Director representing Roundhead Twp.; Corey Ledley, Director representing Hale Twp.; Charlie McCullough, Director at Large; Jack McBride, Director representing Cessna Twp.; Jake McFadden, Director at Large; Grant Mizek, Director at Large; Zach Rambo, Director at Large; Christa Rarey, Director representing Pleasant Twp.; Andrew Scharf, Director at Large; Nathan Weaver, Director representing Goshen Twp.; and Rob Wilson, Director representing Blanchard Twp.

Jake McFadden and Dan Beale moved to keep regular meeting dates to the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm.  Motion passed.

Everyone was given a copy of next year’s meeting dates.  It was noted the meeting for September will be 1 week earlier due to the 2022 Hardin County Fair.  That meeting will be on August 31st.  And the January meeting will be one week later due to members attending the annual fair convention.  That meeting will be January 12th.

Next year’s reorganizational meeting will follow the Agricultural Society’s Annual Meeting on Saturday, Nov. 5th, 2022.

Charlie McCullough moved to adjourn and Jake McFadden seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

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