Board slates April Meeting

Click to view the April meeting Agenda.
  1. Call to Order
  2. Guests (3–5-minute speaking time allotted) 
  3. Correspondence – 
  4. Minutes of last meeting  
  5. Financial Reports – Approve 990 for 2022
  6. Bills to Approve 
  7. Committee Reports:
    • Executive Committee
      • Meeting minutes from 3/21/2023
    • Strategic Planning
    • Updated strategic plan needs to be approved.
    • Development Committee
    • Grounds Committee
      • Indoor storage, campers, boats, trailers come out Saturday, April 8th.  Reminder letters were sent.
    • Camping Committee
      • All 2023 camping spots have been spoken for.
      • Getting a temporary camping permit for the Cushman group that will be here in May.
    • Entertainment Committee
    • Livestock Committees
      • Judges are needed for the fair.
    • Rides and Concessions
      • Vendor/Concession Applications
    • JR Fair Board Report
    • Advertising/Sponsorship Committee
    • Sponsorship money continues to come in.
    • Tech. Committee
    • Other Committees
    • Update on Consignment Sale
  8. Old Business:
    • District Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 15th.  Brad and Meghan will be attending.
  9. New Business:
    • Box seat invoices will be sent this month.
    • All judges for the fair are needed.

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