Board holds September meeting

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Wednesday, August 30, 2023, for their September monthly board meeting – the last board meeting before the 2023 Fair starts on Sept. 5th.  All directors were and thirteen guests were present.

Brad Murphy, Board President, called the meeting to order.

Mark Badertscher from OSU Extension stated the Carcass Show is set for Monday, Sept. 18th at 6pm, at Jenkin’s Meats in Mt. Victory.  Paul Ralston from the Poultry Committee stated he is concerned about the heat that is in the forecast for next week’s fair.  There are over 600 birds coming and he is working on trying to keep them all comfortable.  He also asked for director help for the hay/grains and crops/vegetables classes on Tuesday of the fair.  He also expressed his concern about the Fair Foundation and wants the committee to meet. 

Amanda Raines, OSU 4-H Educator stated there is a 4-H Council Awards Banquet on Sunday, Sept. 24th at 5pm.  See Catherine Scharf or Amanda Raines for a ticket. 

A letter was read from the Ohio Dept. Of Wildlife in regard to the Deer Head Kiosk and inspection station that will be available at the Fairgrounds again this year.

Correspondence was read from the Kenton Area Swim Team and B-Sealed. The Sullivan Family.

Rob Wilson, Ground’s Chairman, gave a ground’s committee update.  The new driveway for the East parking lot has been made.  Thanks to Buchenroth Excavating and the County for making it.  New lights have been installed in that area as well.  It was noted the Grounds has been sprayed and buildings will be sprayed tomorrow.  Winter Storage begins Oct. 1st and runs through the 2nd Saturday in April.  Rates are the same as last year, vehicles are $30 per month, boats, trailers, campers, etc. are $15 per linear foot.

Craig Stump, camping chairman, stated fair camping spots will be marked tomorrow.  He stated he doesn’t want any campers moving in before Thursday prior to fair week next year.  It is too hard to spray around the campers. 

Judi stated fair camping renters can start coming this Friday through the weekend.  Their hang tags can still be picked up in the fair office.  Primitive camping is still available for $75 plus 2 season tickets.

General admission to all grandstand events can still be purchased online, in the fair office or 1 hour prior to events at the ticket booth.  All pit gate wristbands are sold at the pit gates for $10 each.

It was noted there will be an Open Horse Show on Saturday of the Fair.  The show bill for that event is located on the fair’s website.  It was noted there will be goats in the swine barn this year, since they have a lot of JR Fair goats coming to the fair.  Jack McBride stated pen stall signs have been printed.  Amanda Raines stated DUNF’s are due on Saturday, Sept. 2nd.

Brad Murphy, concession’s chairman, stated there will be roaming food sales in the grandstand, with them giving a 10% commission to the fair. 

Sherri Beale, JR Fair Board Advisor, stated the trailer is at the fairgrounds for the “Stock the Trailer” campaign.  She noted the heavier the items donated the better.  The food collected will stay local.  There will also be cans located at the entrances of the fair, so people will not have to carry their items all of the way into the fair. 

It was noted that all sponsorships have been paid for the 2023 fair.

There will be a new copier available in the Arena Office this year.  It was also noted the JR Fair Board office will be locked at all times during the fair for safety reasons.  There is a doorbell to ask for entry. 

Under old business:

The 2021/2022 audit is now done.  The Emergency Management Meeting Minutes were approved. 

Under new Business:

Open Class display tickets can be picked up at the fair office this Friday, Sept. 1st and Saturday, Sept. 2nd from 9-5pm, Sunday, Sept. 3rd from 12-5pm and Monday, Sept. 4th from 9-6pm.  The Arts/Crafts building will be put back together after the fair on Wednesday, Sept. 13th at 6pm. 

The Fair Office will be open the week of the fair 9-5pm Monday – Saturday and Sunday 12-5p.  Emergencies after hours will need to go to the sheriff’s trailer at the Main Gate or the EMS building at the Main Gate. 

The Main Gate will be closed this year and drop-offs for the fair will need to be at the West or East gates.  Gates will be accepting credit cards this year for entry to the fair, and cash is still an option.  $2 membership tickets can be purchased with a season pass up to Friday, Oct. 13th at 4pm. 

JR Fair and Open Class premium money can be picked up in cash form at the Grandstand ticket booth on Saturday of the fair from 1-4pm.  If you don’t pick up your money on this day, you can still pick up your premium money in the Secretary’s office on Wednesday and Fridays from 9-4pm until Friday, November 17th

Petitions for the November Fair Board Director Election are due by Friday, Oct. 27th at 4pm.  Up for election this year are 2 directors at large positions, Blanchard Twp., Taylor Creek Twp., Cessna Twp., Marion Twp., and McDonald Twp. for 3-year terms.  Buck and Jackson Twp. for a 2-year term.  And Lynn Twp. for a 1-year term.  Anyone wanting to run for one of those director positions needs to come to the secretary’s office to pick up a petition by Friday, Oct. 13th at 4pm, then the petition needs to be returned to the Secretary’s office by Friday, Oct. 27th at 4pm.  Just a reminder, if you are interested in running for a position, you need to come to the Oct. Board Meeting to state your intention for running. 

The Fair Wrap Up Meeting is set for Wednesday, Sept. 27th at 6pm in the Community Building.  Everyone is encouraged to attend. 

Directors were told to let Judi Cronley know if they are interested in attending the OFMA Convention from January 4th – 7th.  She also needs to know if you want to stay all night by Sept. 7th at 9am. 

The Fair Board agreed to give the Posse 20 on ground’s parking permits and 8 one day passes for kids helping them. 

It was noted there will be a get together in the Show Arena for directors and their families this Saturday night.  

The fair board discussed the new name badges the JR Fair Exhibitors are receiving this year for entry to the fair.  No badges will be re-printed for a lost badge.  The exhibitors will be encouraged to take a picture of it for this reason.   

The next Fair Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 4th at 7pm in the Community Building. 

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