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Livestock Sale Buyer Information

This is a premium sale. Bidders will only be billed for the premium you bid. Champions will be the only animals coming through the ring, and will sell first in each species. All other exhibitors will proceed through the sale ring in alphabetical order within species. 

List of 2023 Exhibitors

Exhibitors, and parents, are prohibited from soliciting bids from bidders during the sale. Exhibitors are encouraged to invite buyers to the sale by sending letters showcasing their projects.

*All Dairy Feeders will have gone through the rebuy auction on Friday. No Dairy Feeders may be purchased or sold to other individuals during the sale on Saturday. 

**On behalf of Dairy exhibitors, a milk pitcher representing a gallon of milk, is offered for auction. Donations of a minimum of $50.00, accumulate toward the final sale price, which is divided equally among the dairy exhibitors present during the sale. All bidders will be recognized, and the milk pitcher will be awarded to one bidder selected at random.



  • 8:00am Hogs 
  • 9:10am Poultry
  • 10:15am Dairy Feeders*
  • 11:00am Milk Sale**
  • 11:30am Lambs
  • 12:10pm Goats 
  • 1:00pm Beef Steers 
  • 1:15pm Beef Feeders 
  • 1:35pm Dairy Steers 
  • 1:45pm Rabbits

Livestock Sale Bill

Service Window

We now have a Service window located in the doorway at the South end of the Arena Office. Please utilize it during the Fair for any questions or concerns, and to settle accounts on Sale Day. The Registration Table will be set up at the South end of the Arena on Sale day.

Bidder Registration

Any bidder who was registered last year is pre-registered for this year, however, new numbers will be assigned. New bidders can register that morning, or any time during the week by visiting the Service window or on our website. Bidder numbers and forms may be picked up at the Service window or Registration Table. The Sale bill will be on our website on Friday, September 8, 2023, and will be printed in limited quantities.

Bidder Splits

 Any sale with four (4) or less bidders will be split equally between the confirmed bidders. A sale with five (5) or more bidders will require a long split sheet. These forms must be completed and signed by the bidders for their pledged amount. This process should be orchestrated by a bidder, not an exhibitor, parent, or grandparent. The lists should be returned to the designated person at the auction stand. 


It is encouraged for add-ons to be done online here. Payment is due upon submission.

In order to have Bidder names included on the list that is published, Add-ons must be submitted by Sunday, September 10, 2023 at 4pm

Any add-ons submitted after that time will still be accepted, rewarded to the exhibitors, and will be included with their checks, but will not be publicly acknowledged. The FINAL day to submit Add-ons is Friday, September 15, 2023. 

It is possible to submit Add-ons in place of, or in addition to, live bids. Exhibitors who choose to sell in the milk sale are not eligible for Add-ons.

Custom Slaughter

Please communicate with us prior to Sale Day if you are interested in purchasing an animal to send for processing. Champions will be available and processed at Jenkins Meats, Mt. Victory, Ohio. 

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