November 2023 Meeting Agenda

The Hardin County Ag Society set the next meeting for November 1, 2023 with the following agenda.

The Hardin County Ag Society set the next meeting for November 1, 2023 with the following agenda.

Agenda Topics

  1. Call to Order
  2. Guests (3–5-minute speaking time allotted)
  3. Correspondence – Thank You from Phyllis Hatcher, Audit Report
  4. Minutes of last meeting  
  5. Financial Reports
  6. Bills to Approve
  7. Committee Reports:
    • Executive Committee
      • 2024 budget meeting needs set for beginning of November to discuss contracts, bonuses, rental rates, and committee members.
      • A new executive committee will be voted on at the December meeting.  Coming off of the committee is Corey Ledley and Jake McFadden.
    • Strategic Planning
    • Development Committee
    • Grounds Committee
      • Winter Storage began Oct. 1st and runs through the 2nd Saturday in April.  Rates are same as last year, vehicles – $30 per month, boats, trailers, campers, etc. – $15 per linear foot. 
      • Hardin Northern stacking benches after fair
      • Inventory sheets?
    • Camping Committee
      • Ohio Good Sam’s contract.
    • Entertainment Committee
    • Livestock Committees
      • Update on Livestock sale. 
      • Sale checks started to be picked up last Saturday and now can still be picked up this Saturday, Nov. 4th from 3-6pm or Wednesday and Friday’s starting today until Friday, Nov. 17th from 9-4pm. All checks need to be cashed by Nov. 30th, 2023.
    • Rides and Concessions
    • JR Fair Board Report
    • Advertising/Sponsorship Committee
      • This committee needs to meet this month to present their requested budget to the executive committee.
    • Tech. Committee
    • Other Committees
      • Reverse Raffle update

Old Business:

  • JR Fair & Open Class premium money can still be picked up on Wednesday and Friday’s 9-4pm until Friday, November 17th
  • The Annual Fair Director Election is this Saturday from 3-7pm in the Fair Office.  Running for Buck Twp. is Tyler Overly, McDonald Twp. is Dan Beale, Marion Twp. is Craig Decker, Cessna Twp. is Jack McBride, and Blanchard Twp. is Rob Wilson.  There are 2 people running for one position in Jackson Twp. and they are Crystal Marling and Curt Vanderpool.  There are 4 people running for 2 Director at Large Positions and they are Abe Decker, Charlie McCullough, Grant Mizek and Lauren Gossard.  No petitions were turned in for Taylor Creek or Lynn Twp’s.  Anyone who is currently a member of the Ag. Society can write a letter to the Hardin County Ag. Society stating, they would like to be appointed to one of those positions.  These letters need to be received by Dec. 1st.
  • The Annual Re-organizational and Annual Meetings of the Ag. Society is this Saturday, Nov. 4th at 7:30pm in the Community Building.  All current Ag. Society members are encouraged to attend.
  • Who wants to attend the OFMA Convention at least 1 day in January?  (Jan. 4th, 5th or 6th)

New Business:

  • The Fall District Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 8th, 7pm, at the Auglaize County Fairgrounds. 
  • The JR Fair Sale Committee Meeting is set for Wednesday, November 15th at 6 in the Community Building. 

Our next monthly Board Meeting is Wednesday, December 6th at 7pm in the Community Building.

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