Fair Board holds December board meeting

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Wednesday, December 6, 2023, for their December monthly board meeting.  Thirteen directors and ten guests were present.

Brad Murphy, Board President, called the meeting to order.

Roger Crowe, County Commissioner, stated there will be a meeting this week about the eclipse.

Correspondence was read from Kaytlin Billenstein and Makenna Eibling.  An email from Kara Brown, Hardin County Board of DD Superintendent was read.  Her email was regarding having an adult changing table during the fair, the fair board just needs to find the correct private location to place it.  Letters of interest for being appointed to a director position were read from Kirk Cameron, Abe Decker and Justin Beale.

Directors accepted the 2024 budget without the salaries (to be discussed in an executive session).  Motion passed unanimously.   The Code of Conduct for the Ag. Society was signed by everyone.  The executive committee was voted on by paper ballot.  The new executive committee consists of Brad Murphy, Jake McFadden, Grant Mizek, Rob Wilson and new directors added:  Charlie McCullough and Andrew Scharf.  They will be meeting soon to set up other fair committees.

An update on the development of new buildings was discussed.  There is now a rough sketch to a plan.

Judi Cronley noted there are still 2 missing inventory sheets.  Rob Wilson stated he is getting bids for a lawn mower trade.  It was noted there is storage space available for boats and 1 camper.

Ohio Good Sam and the Cushman Club have been notified about their new contracts.  Both groups were happy with the outcome of the contracts. 

Rob Wilson, Entertainment Chairman, gave an entertainment committee report.  He stated the committee is getting close to signing a contract with an entertainer.  He also stated there are going to be several committees within the entertainment committee. 

Jake McFadden went over the highlights of the livestock sale committee meeting.  Directors accepted the minutes and recommendations from the livestock committee.  Main topics that were approved were:  Department Chairmen are being recommended to have one uniform policy when it comes to passing out awards, all group splits at the sale will be equal with a suggested minimum split of $100 and the sale time has been moved from 8am to 9am.   It was noted there are still 5 buyers who haven’t paid their sale invoices.  Those businesses are Crooks and Sons Excavating, Dickson Cattle Co., and Folks Printing. C&Y Painting and Wingfield Farms still have add on’s that need to be paid, too.  The total amount is $2,850.  It was also noted that the steer weigh in and tagging is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 30th from 9-11am.  Jack McBride gave an update on the 2 hogs that were made into ground sausage.  That sausage is being donated to a homeless shelter, Love Inc., Beatitudes, Helping Hands, Safe Haven, Kenton Full Gospel and Angels for the Elderly. 

Sherri Beale, JR Fair Board Director, displayed the sign for the JR Fair Board winning the West Central Ohio Region Fight the Hunger Stock the Trailer Campaign.  She noted there will be 5 JR Fair Board kids going to the Convention and staying all night.  Amanda Raines stated interviews will start next week for the board.  She also noted freshman are now eligible to be on the board. 

The advertising budget was accepted by the directors, and it was noted Christmas cards will be sent soon.

Rob Wilson gave an update on the Fair’s Reverse Raffle.  He noted there are around 50 tickets left to sell.  He stated the committee will need help collecting donations. 

Under old business:

Brad Murphy gave an update on the District Meeting he and Jake attended.  Hotel information was given to all directors staying at the OFMA convention in January. 

Under new Business:

Directors approved the 2023 Annual Report.  Judi gave the annual credit card reward points update. Directors agreed to use all credit card reward points to purchase gift cards for the reverse raffle as door prizes.  Directors agreed to reimburse Jack McBride and Genny Haun their registration fee, hotel charges and a $50 per diem for food related costs for attending the Fair Entry Training in North Carolina.  Brad discussed the idea of having employees and directors receive a background check.  A Committee will be formed to research this in depth. 

Jack McBride and Charlie McCullough moved to go into executive session at 8:45pm to discuss appointees to the 2 open director positions and staff compensations.  A vote by each director was taken to move into session. 

At 9:57pm the executive session ended, and the regular board meeting resumed.

Directors agreed to accept the three employee salaries for 2024.  After directors voted by paper for the 2 appointed director positions, Craig Stump and Tyler Overly moved accept Justin Beale and Kirk Cameron as the 2 appointed directors.  Motion passed unanimously.  Directors agreed to pay for the queen’s expenses during the OFMA Convention to include her registration fee, hotel room as needed and up to 4 meals.  The next Fair Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 10th at 7pm in the Community Building.  This meeting is 1 week later due to the first week of January being during the OFMA convention.

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