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Agenda set for March meeting

The Hardin County Ag Society set the next meeting for March 6, 2024 with the following agenda.

Agenda Topics

  1. Call to Order
  2. Guests (3–5-minute speaking time allotted)
  3. Correspondence – The Reverse Raffle Committee & 2024 Freedom Celebration Committee
  4. Minutes of last meeting 
  5. Financial Reports
  6. Bills to Approve
  7. Committee Reports:
    • Executive Committee
      • Arts/Crafts Bldg. for Solar Eclipse Triage
      • Open Money Market account for new building donations
    • Strategic Planning
      • Meeting needs scheduled to review the Strategic Plan.
    • Development Committee
    • Grounds Committee
    • Camping Committee
      • Camping payments were due by February 16th.  20 campers were called, waiting on a few to pay, some current campers were able to be moved.  There were only 8 campers who decided to not camp this year, so not a lot of movement can be made on the waiting list. 
      • 6 campers for the solar eclipse so far.
      • Doug Chivington
    • Entertainment Committee
      • Need contracts from the Hardin County Tractor’s Pullers and Central Ohio Tractor Puller’s, and Face Painter for children’s tent
    • Livestock Committees
      • All money has finally been collected for the 2023 JR Fair Livestock Sale
      • Poultry, Sheep, Horse,  & Goat Committee Minutes
      • Vet contract
    • Rides and Concessions
    • JR Fair Board Report
      • March JR Fair Board Meeting?
    • Advertising/Sponsorship Committee
      • Sponsorship campaign continues
      • Award/Ribbon Sponsorship letters have been mailed
    • Tech. Committee
    • Other Committees
      • Reverse Raffle update

Old Business:

  • Fair edits for sections of the fair book are due to Judi NOW if not already turned in, Judi has started making edits to the book.
  • Annual Consignment Sale is scheduled for Saturday, March 9th at 9am, items to be consigned can be dropped off on Wednesday, March 6th from 4-6:30pm, Thursday, March 7th from 8am-6:30pm or Friday, March 8th from 8am-6:30pm.

New Business:

  • Sign up schedule for the Consignment Sale

Our next monthly Board Meeting is Wednesday, April 3rd at 7pm in the Community Building.