Fair board holds February meeting

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Wednesday, February 7th, 2024, for their February monthly board meeting.  Seventeen directors and twelve guests were present.

Brad Murphy, Board President, called the meeting to order.

Brad introduced the guests.  Roger Crowe, Hardin County Commissioner, spoke about the upcoming solar eclipse and the emergency personnel that will be present at the Fairgrounds.  The fairgrounds are going to be used as a triage center. 

Mark Badertscher, OSU Extension, stated when all the upcoming commodity banquets will be held.  The Lamb Banquet is scheduled for March 2nd, Pork Banquet March 16th, Beef Banquet March 23rd, Poultry Banquet March 30th, Goat Banquet April 6th and the Horse Banquet April 13th.  More information on these banquets can be obtained by calling the Hardin County OSU Extension Office. 

Paul Osborne, current Marion Twp. Trustee, stated he’s running for Hardin County Commissioner. 

Kenny Kearns, representing the Hardin County Draft Horse Association, asked if their organization could host another draft horse show during the fair.  He was given the OK.  He also requested a bigger tent for the horses. 

Steve Searson from the Hardin County Pork Producers asked if they could serve bacon during the fair.  He was given the OK.  Steve also said their organization is working on installing an HVAC system in their building.

Representative Jon Cross was present to announce the state has awarded the Fairgrounds with $500,000 to go towards the new building project.   

Thank You’s were read from the Neighborhood Opportunity Center for the donated sausage, Makala Grauel, and an invitation to the Poultry Banquet was read. 

Jake McFadden and Brad Murphy, representing the Executive Committee, stated their recommendation for a contract with Doug Chivington.  Directors agreed with the executive committee’s recommendation on the contract.  Judi Cronley will contact Doug about the contract and possible dates to rent the fairgrounds for his cycling event. 

Jake McFadden, Fair board Vice President stated a new policy regarding the Fair Book edit process.  Committees need to submit minutes about their changes to the Board Secretary (or have her attend the meetings to take the minutes) so they can by reviewed at the board meeting.  The full board needs to see the changes before they get put in the fair book.  Also, all communication to the public needs to go through Kolt Buchenroth first, before it’s made public. 

It was noted the executive committee needs to meet to update the Ag. Society’s strategic plan. 

The Development Committee will have drawings of the new building project at the Reverse Raffle for everyone to see. 

Rob Wilson, Ground’s Chairman, gave a list of possible items to be put in the Consignment Sale. 

It was noted Fair Camping payments need to be made by next Friday, February 16th.  So far there are 3 campers who have scheduled to camp at the fairgrounds during the Solar Eclipse weekend.

It was noted fair contracts are needed from the Hardin County Tractor Puller’s Association and the Central Ohio Tractor Pullers.  A contract for the face painter in the children’s tent is also needed.  A contract with JT Reppart has been signed.  He will have dance parties 6 nights of the fair. 

It was noted a fair veterinarian contract is being written up.  It was noted that Crooks and Sons Excavating has still not paid their 2023 Sale invoice from the fair and Brad Murphy will be contacting Mark Schwemer to take further action. 

Charlie McCullough, Swine Chairman, discussed his minutes from their meeting on January 17th.  It was noted swine showmanship will start the Tuesday swine show at 8am and not on Monday night.  Ear tagging will try to take place at the site of swine auctions.  There are no other changes for swine this year. 

Brad Murphy, Rides/Concession’s Chairman, discussed their committee minutes from January 24th.  Directors accepted the committee’s recommendation for new pricing for ground space and an indoor building space bundle pricing structure.  Brad also stated the time for delivery trucks and golf carts for concessionaires and vendors will now be 7:30am – 11am.  Stop time is 1 hour earlier than last year.  Indoor building times during the fair is changing to 9am – 9pm Tuesday – Saturday and Sunday 12 – 9pm. 

Sherri Beale, JR Fair Board Director, stated their 1st meeting will be Sunday, Feb. 25th from 6-8pm in the Community Building.

Jake McFadden, Advertising/Sponsorship Chairman, stated the sponsorship campaign has started to see their 1st sponsors.  He stated the awards committee met and decided to keep awards the same as last year, but donors are receiving letters about a new system that will be implemented next year.  The new system will be online.

Rob Wilson gave an update on the Fair’s Reverse Raffle that is this Saturday.  He stated there has been overwhelming support from the community with donations for the event.  Director agreed to schedule next year’s raffle for Saturday, Feb. 8th.   

Directors agreed to use P & R Communications for radio rental during the fair and to use Mid OH Golf Carts for golf cart rentals during the fair. 

Under old business:

Judi reminded those who haven’t turned in fair book edits to do so as soon as possible. Those who have turned in their edits on time need to review their sections and let Judi know of any changes that are needed. 

It was noted the Annual Consignment Sale is scheduled for Saturday, March 9th at 9am, items to be consigned can be dropped off at the fair grounds on Wednesday, March 6th from 4-6:30pm, Thursday, March 7th and Friday, March 8th from 8am-6:30pm.  Further information about the Consignment Sale can be found on the fair’s website.

Under new Business:

The signup sheet for working the Consignment Sale was available for directors to sign.  It was announced the Fair District 1 & 2 Spring meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 30th.  Please let Judi know if you want to attend as soon as possible for reservations.

The next monthly fair board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 6th at 7pm in the Community Bldg.

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